Cell Phones for Young People Useful or Distracting?

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There has always been controversy as to whether texting and cell phone use can cause young people to be less likely to be able to concentrate and focus. As young citizens we have the right to be able to own a cell phone and not be criticized using it for educational reasons. Phones give you access to the internet, teach responsibility, and is an emergency access to contact parents; however it can cause cheating in class room areas by sharing answers, it can distract people from doing work in class, and can lead to online predators harming someone. Modern day phones give teens access to the internet to help them in many ways possible. For example it starts by helping teens to obtain answers to questions or provide specific locations.…show more content…
For an ordinary individual researchers have concluded that for approximate every 5 minutes or less a person is either using their phone or being distracted by their phone in a way that can harm them and the people around them (“Science Proves Cell Phones Distract 1”). In emergency hospitals, board of directors have banned the use of phones while working on a patient. By banning phone use while a physician is working on a patient the risk of making a mistakes lowers down by 85% (“Science Proves Cell Phone Distract 2”). Some people and social media say that by putting rules on phone and limiting what a person can do with it in a given area think that it’s going against our rights as Americans. The most disadvantage of young people owning a phone would be the chance of them being a target for online predators. Now in days children and teens are being taking advantage of and seriously hurt by online predators. The number of teens and children harmed by an online predator was at a highest of 68% doubling that of 2004 records (“Pros and Cons 3”). It’s the parents responsibility to ensure their child doesn’t talk to the wrong people on the phone or via social networking. In an interview with a
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