Cell Sheet Adhesion Of Porcine Heart Tissue After Transplant

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Time Course Of cell Sheet Adhesion to Porcine Heart Tissue after Transplant
Opposed to performing heart transplants after a myocardial infarction, cell sheets can be attached to the existing cardiac muscle in order to repair the damaged tissue, sticking the sheet to the heart without sutures. The researcher’s extracted bone marrow from a pig, washed away all red blood cells with a solution, and used reverse transcription so RNA makes cDNA. These cells were placed in a petri dish until the cells floated to the top of the culture, they were then placed in a different culture set at 37 degrees Celsius where two more cell layers were added on top of them. The cell sheets were placed on 5 different pig hearts on the left ventricle either basal or apical side up, after 15-60min the sheets and heart tissue underneath were removed for analysis under a scanning electron microscope. The basal side adhered to the heart tissue better than the apical side, showing a solid connection with the heart tissue about 30 minutes after being inserted. During open heart surgery, the chest should remain open at least 30 minutes after inserting the cell sheet in order to confirm it has properly stuck to the heart tissue. This study is significant because it demonstrates progress toward effectively using cell sheets to treat the heart after myocardial infarction.
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