Cell Signaling Essay

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Defects of Cell Signaling Over the past semester in cell biology, determining protein structure and functions of gene sequences have been some important discussions in class. On this discussion, many people will agree that the defects from the protein structure and gene sequences such as cell-signaling are the main factors of human disease. When it comes to the topic of human disease breast cancer and sickle cell anemia have been the most prevalent. The importance of these topics in reference to breast cancer and sickle cell anemia are the background information on these diseases, the general population affected, what gene/proteins are involved in these diseases, the symptoms of the diseases, the experimental research, and the key…show more content…
The fatty tissue known as glandular fibrous gives the breast its size and shape. In relation to the cause of breast cancer, it forms in the cell of these milk producing ducts and glandular tissue. Just like every other cancer, the cells will grow abnormally and divide more rapidly. The result of this factor will form swelling or lumps that could possibly spread though the lymph nodes and various parts of the breast. The rick factor is unclear to development of breast of cancer, but the factors are believed to be through the complexity, interaction, genetic makeup, and the environment. Breast cancer is a world-wide phenomenon. The ways in which it can be diagnosed is extremely important and to understand the symptoms could potentially save someone’s life. The signs and symptoms of breast cancer include a breast lump that may feel different from the surrounding tissue. There could be a change in the size, shape, or appearance of the breast. The skin of the breast could change, factors such as dimpling. Another factor could include the peeling, scaling, crusting of a pigmented area of the skin surrounding the breast. Lastly, there could also be redness or tenderness of the skin over the breast. There are also factors that can increase the risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer. The increased risk of breast cancer include being a female, increasing age, personal and family history, genetics,
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