Cell Type : White Blood Cell / Leukocytes Disease

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Discovery of leukemia
Who discovered leukemia – John Bunnett, Alfred Velpeau, Alfred Donne and Rudolf Virchow were the four me who discovered this disease
When was leukemia discovered – It was discovered in 1845 but not given its name until 1847 in which Rudolf Virchow gave it the name leukemia
Where was leukemia discovered –

Symptoms of leukemia (signs)
Common symptoms
- Fever or chills
- Persistent fatigue, weakness
- Frequent or severe infections
- Losing weight without trying
- Swollen lymph nodes, enlarged liver or spleen
- Easy bleeding or bruising
- Recurrent nosebleeds
- Tiny red dots in your skin (petechial)
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Timeline of critical events for leukemia
(A) 1845 - Rudolf Virchow was one of the four who discovered leukemia
(B) 1847 - it was given its name by Rudolf Virchow
(C) 1998 -Approximately 29,000 new cases of leukemia were diagnosed
(D) 2002 - Gleevec, a new antileukemia drug that even proved successful at treating chronic myeloid leukemia, was heralded in clinical trials.
(E) 1970 - Due to the new combinations of anti-cancer drugs being used, the survival rates among children with ALL have improved dramatically
(F) 1970 - Eighty percent of the children diagnosed with ALL now survive five years or more, as compared to 50% in the late 1970s.

(G) 2003 - new research found that adult women who took aspirin two or more times a week had a 50% lower risk of developing adult leukemia. Scientists continue to work on a possible vaccine for leukemia.
(H)2002 - They made some progress in 2002, discovering a gene transfer model that might trigger immunity against leukemia cells.
(I)1811 - The early history of leukemia reaches back 200 years

How is the body affected by leukemia?
The body is affected or disrupted by its normal balance of cells in the blood and it also effects the cells ability to do their jobs. Leukemia reduces the levels of white blood cells which defend the body from any infections which can lead to higher chances of secondary
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