Cell phones How have they changed us socially?

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Does cell phone use really affect our communication skills? Cartoon by Izzy Peterson by Erin Stewart, Editor November 25, 2013 Filed under Fall 2013, Story Cycle 4, Features, Opinion, Showcase The short URL of the present article is: We live in a world where communication through modern technology is almost required. Everywhere people are texting, emailing, writing blogs and tweeting. It’s hard to go anywhere without seeing someone using a phone or the Internet to connect with others. Can you imagine not being able to check your Twitter, Facebook or messages for a week? We would feel lost. Of course the use of technology can be good. It provides us with faster, more efficient ways to communicate with…show more content…
Studies have shown that it makes it difficult for students who rely so heavily on technology to actually communicate to adults in person because they don’t quite develop all of the necessary skills to hold or even start a face-to-face conversation. However, these skills are a crucial tool in the workforce. If you want a high paying, stable job, or possibly even to be admitted to a university, you must have good face-to-face communication skills. If you lack these specific skills you most likely won’t even make it through the interview. “Teens are in the stage of their life where they’re learning so if you don’t learn to have good communication skills, then when you become an adult you will have a harder time asking for help, being proactive with things in your life,” said reading specialist Mrs. Tracey Cassidy. Students who are constantly texting with abbreviated forms of words have begun to speak with the same acronyms. The now everyday uses of “LOL” and “OMG” have become substitutions for actual emotional responses in conversations. This form of talking is often seen as flighty and uneducated. They’re not only speaking in abbreviated ways but they are also beginning to become distracted during conversations. While texting, it is easy to jump from topic to topic when an idea comes to mind. However, this is causing many students to become unfocused and sidetracked during face to
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