Essay on Cellist of Sarjevo

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ISU Journal #2 ENG4U Characterization: Arrow (Chapter 1) * 28 years old, female sniper * She only shoots enemy soldiers in the hills “There is a difference between Arrow and the snipers in the hill; she shoots only soldiers. They shoot men, women and children.” (Pg. 11) * Arrow shoots the soldiers because; “Arrow pulls the trigger and ends the life of one of the soldiers in her sight, she’ll do so not because she wants him dead, although she can’t deny that she does but because the soldiers have robbed her and almost everyone else in the city of this gift. That life will end has become so self-evident it’s lost all meaning.” (Pg. 12) * She is more superior to other “hunters”, she can make a bullet do things others can’t…show more content…
She would not let the men on the hills decide when she went below the ground. If she were to go underground it would be because she decided to or because they killed her. But she wasn’t going to do their work for them.” (Pg. 142) * Her morals prevent her from being scared of death Characterization/Plot of Arrow (Chapter 3) * Arrow goes to visit Nermin to update him on what’s happened. She explains to him about the sniper not shooting. Nermin says “No you didn’t. But this has nothing to do with the cellist. The time has come for you to disappear. “(Pg. 189) Nermind cold no longer look after her so he let her go. * Nermin is the closest thing to a friend that Arrow has. * Arrow thinks about why she kills the men on the hills, at the beginning it was because it was her duty to kill them but now she kills them because: “She knows she no longer kills them because they are killing her fellow citizens. That’s just a part of it. She kills them because she hates them.” (Pg. 190) * Arrow’s changing again. She had changed when the war started and she first began killing the snipers, but now everything had changed, she kills because she has to and because she hates them. * The war is changing and impacting people severely. Water and food are precious resources for survival. “Her stomach grumbles, protesting her small supper of rice and weak tea. She can’t stand rice.” (Pg. 195) * The army pays Arrow in cigarettes. She trades them for

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