Cellphone Should Not Be Banned in School

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Cell Phone should not Be Banned in School

As the technology upgraded and developed from day to day, it becomes a very significant part of our daily life, work, and study. Since many things have been invented to comfort human life, mobile phone has become one of the most important tools for communicating with each other globally. Cell phones are used by people around the world, and not only the elderly people but also the children, above 8 years old, using mobile phone for their purpose. Normally, children and teenagers take their phone to school almost every day in order to contact with their family and access to the internet to find books or other materials with related with their study. Cell phone has provided the feeling of
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For instance, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, is a city which consists of a lot of school and university, so for those, live far apart from the Phnom Penh, who intends to pursue in the university, they have to move separately from their family and their homeland to continue their study. As my survey from few of my friends coming from different province; they said that “they, at lease, have to call to their home 2 or 3 times per week in order to connect with their family”. Moreover, with expanding the new functionality, cell phones are not only for calling and texting but also for transferring and collecting the information or any other thins via Bluetooth facility or wifi. According to research studies on the use of mobile phone for the educational purpose in Sri Lanka, the course is to let the students collecting the information for the development of lesson about what they use at their household by using their phone, and they have to transfer the collected information to the lecturer’s laptop via Bluetooth device. Due to this fact, mobile phone has become the sharing device for student to transmit the information, picture, and other things to their classmate, friends, and even their teacher or lecturer.

Some opponent raise up their opposed idea that school should ban the phone from students by some critical reasons, and the school has responsible to ensure the students’ safety while they are in school, so parents should trust the school’s representative. However, the
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