Cellphones And Their Effects On The School And Its Community

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All people are on these days are their phones, so it makes sense that teachers say that cellphones cause a distraction among classmates. However, many children and even some parents want phones to be allowed in schools. Believe it or not, phones can benefit students as well as the school! Cellphones can actually serve as a learning tool both in and out of the classroom. On the contrary, some schools already have tablets or laptops for their students to use for educational purposes, so why are phones needed? Phones aren 't necessarily needed, but they can make a huge impact on the school and its community. Despite what people say, phones can actually be helpful by saving the school money and giving students a ticket to their safety in case an emergency were to occur. Phones can benefit both students and the school by giving students a learning tool of their own and by saving the school money on devices. As technology advances, more and more schools are buying devices for their students, but now students can bring their phones and will no longer need the extra material. The bring your own device initiative helps save schools money by only buying gadgets for those who don 't already own them. Tons of money can be saved for the school by using the bring your own device initiative since it costs $100 per iPad, but it doesn 't cost the school anything if pupils use their own money on the device. Tablets and cell phones can serve as a learning tool because they can be used
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