Cellphones’ New Early Termination Fee: The Customers’ Responsibility

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Imagine a world without cellphones. Can you think of yourself without one? As the clock ticks with Information Technology, we cannot help but run along the fast lane of the 21st century. Like a car, this development is being fueled by communication: Internet, text messaging, electronic-mails – all bundled up in one gadget, the cellphone. It is needless to say then that cellphones or mobile phones are now the roads of communication. How technology has prospered the human species, giving us with so much liberty, carries a price tag we all have to pay – Responsibility. Mobile network operators embody this responsibility in the form of a contract. Once this contract is breached, the high amount of early termination fee will be the painful…show more content…
Janigan continues, “Servicing the customer or keeping the customer happy is definitely a secondary priority" (“Early Termination Fees”). On a research by Ben Everard, a graduate of GWU Law School, it reviewed the terms and conditions of the unrevised Early Termination Fee policy: Mobile network companies’ state that regardless if the subscriber cancels the plan on the day of activation or the day before contract expiration with considerable reason, the fee to be charged is still the same (Everard 1034). No wonder that Sprint Nextel Corporation paid $18.25 million and Verizon Wireless $21 million to customers who joint forces against these powerful wireless companies last 2008 (Silva). After the massive lawsuits to the tycoons of wireless communication companies, Early Termination Fee policies have been revised since 2009 (Paczkowski). The fee is not fixed but prorated in the 24 months of subscription. The revised ETF policy states that each month a customer has completed in the contract, a certain amount will be deducted from the total ETF. Criticisms continue to rise even though customers are given around 14 to 30 days to cancel the 2-year agreement. Naturally, nobody can really guarantee that the phone will not have a problem after the allocated period. Then again, is the problem really done

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