Cellphones : The Benefits Of A Techie Society

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Cellphones: The Benefits of a Techie Society In our current society, more people have access to cellphones than toilets (Wang par. 2). Contrary to popular belief, increased cellphone use does not have a negative impact on society. Cellphones allow humanity to grow and learn, so they have a positive impact on civilization. Cellphones are beneficial to society because they increase social activity, allow for organization, and are useful in emergencies. Cellphones have forced society to become more social. In the past, it was hard to keep in touch with family and friends, but the invention of the cellphone has changed this. Some of the most downloaded apps on smartphones are social media (Bushey pars. 3-8). Social media is used to keep connected; for example an app like Skype can let you see and communicate with friends and family around the globe. In fact Skype has 300 million users, with almost all of them making international calls (Higginbotham par.4). Apps like Skype allow the two people to communicate face to face, regardless of the time or distance. People across the world are less isolated from their family and friends at home due to the popular use of cellphones. Similarly, cellphones allow individuals to convey thoughts and reply to messages more quickly. Samantha Gale, a social media and marketing specialist, claims that most text messages are read within 5 seconds of receiving (Gale par.2). This means that most people are easily reachable. People will be able to

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