Cellphones or Distractions

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Victoria Okoronkwo English 1302.6200 Professor Cooper July 17, 2013 Cell phones or Distractions Imagine sitting with popcorn in hand on the comfy theater seats enjoying Despicable Me 2 with a couple of friends on a Friday night. Suddenly a loud and obnoxious ring tone played and it took forever for the owner to shut it off. This has now caused everyone to miss some of the movie. Ring tones and bright screens when one is texting destroys the movie watching atmosphere that others pay up to $10 to watch. There should be a blocking device for cell phones to receive and send text messages or calls in the following places including theaters, restaurants, and classrooms. Being on one’s phone in a movie theater is not just…show more content…
Restaurant cell phone bans aren’t new. Dating back to 1999, British chef Gordon Ramsay told the New York Times that “nothing infuriates me more than delivering an appetizer to the table and seeing someone on the phone.” Not only does it bother the other fellow restaurant diners, but it also bothers the chef too. Some may even claim to “tip well” to restaurants that don’t have the cell phone policy. Although that could bring money in to the business, customers who like to enjoy their meal without someone talking on the phone wouldn’t come back making the restaurant lose money as well. When students get bored or don’t feel like doing the assignment they turn to their phones to help them escape from boredom. Then later the homework comes or tests that they don’t understand and fail because one was not paying attention when it was being explained. A student with a phone during class becomes distracted and would rather worry about who said what on Twitter then one’s own education. Some students wonder why they struggle. Well, this is obviously one of the causes. At the end of the term students often fail their classes and would drop out of school (Cassidy). Parents think cell phones are a way to contact students in the time of an emergency, but when was the last time that one genuinely called for immediate phone calls to a child. If a parent urgently needed to contact their child they could call the main
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