Cellular Devices Have Evolved Through The Ages

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Cell Phone Overdose Cellular devices have evolved through the ages. The world twenty years ago simply had home phones in every household and a telephone booth at every street corner. The developing technology of cell phones has created a society in which nearly everyone today possesses their own individual phone. People may ask, is this rapid change creating a positive or negative impact on our society? Most Americans would respond quickly by saying “positive.” This is correct to a certain degree. Cell phones enhance communication and extend our connections. However, today’s research proves these ideas to be wrong, when overused. The use of cell phones can be a positive thing if they are used in the proper way, but sadly addiction is overflowing in the United States, causing us to have downfalls in face-to-face interaction, deaths in automobiles, and making us physically and mentally ill. On the third of April in 1973, the hand-held cell phone was born with the first call placed by the general manager of Motorola’s system division named Martin Cooper. This unknown, never before seen device consisted of a full 28 ounces with a lengthy antenna and a thick bottom, resembling a boot. He stood in New York City at the Hilton hotel in Midtown Manhattan, immersed with news reporters and citizens before him. Cooper explained that “at the time, not everyone in the world thought people needed cell phones, but the reporters were quite enthusiastic.” Ever since the development of this
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