Cellular Respiration And Photosynthesis Essay

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There are two types of chemical cycling that take place in nature, photosynthesis and cellular respiration. Photosynthesis is carried out by autotrophs (producers) and cellular respiration is carried out not only by producers, but also by consumers (heterotrophs). Cellular respiration is very important not only for producing carbon dioxide and water to aid in photosynthesis, but also for producing ATP for cells. In cellular respiration there are reactions called redox reactions. These types of reactions essentially help to transfer electrons to the electron transfer chain. Without the help of oxygen, it would make these redox reactions nearly impossible. There are three main stages that occur during cellular respiration. These three stages …show more content…

Photosynthesis uses carbon dioxide and water and produces glucose. Photosynthesis provides the inputs for cellular respiration. Unlike cellular respiration which has three stages, photosynthesis has only two main stages, light reactions and the calvin cycle. The light reactions stage uses two different photosystems: water-splitting and NADPH-producing. These photosystems contain hundreds of pigment molecules such as chlorophyll a and b, and carotenoids. These pigments are very important for absorbing and reflecting light for the light reactions. The main fucnction of this first stage is to generate ATP and NADPH for the calvin cycle. The ATP and NADPH are used up along side carbon dioxide molecules to form an energy-rich sugar labeled G3P. G3P molecules are what are used to contrsuct glucose as well as other organic molecules. Carbon dioxide is essential for photosynthesis. Some plants are not able to receive the appropriate amount of carbon dioxide and therefore suffer as a result. However, some planst such a C4 and CAM plants have made evolutionary adaptations that allow the plant to still perform photosynthesis and survive on minimal amounts of carbon dioxide. These evolutionary adaptations also help to reduce water

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