Celsus Arguments Against Christianity Essay

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CELSUS 4 arguments against Christianity Misty Fleming Paper 1 The first of 4 arguments I believe to be of importance is that of the virgin birth. Jesus claims to be born of a virgin in the town of Bethlehem. It was said that Jesus was born to a virgin and God himself. When it was time for Mary to give birth she and her husband set off to have God’s son. Because there was no room at an Inn Jesus was born in a stable. On the contrary to what the Christian religion believes Celsus says that Jesus was born to a mother who was a spinner, and his legitimate father a Roman soldier, Panthera (Celsus pg. 57). It seemed as if it were common knowledge the transgressions that Jesus mother had committed with the Roman.…show more content…
Not only was it their moral compass, but also an ironclad duty to guide those under their authority in the ways of rightness. God did not follow this thinking pattern. God was justified by his followers by saying that it was a test they needed to endure. He was never challenged, or even questioned. Questioning seems to be a bit of taboo. Celsus brings up important points about God being unreachable and unable to save them from harm. My thinking on this was that he was sitting up in the sky watching, but doing nothing. Celsus points out that God keeps his purposes to himself for long periods of time and just stands by when evil overcomes good (Celsus pg. 77). Instead of stopping the suffering that going on he continued to let it happen. He just stood by when plagues, fires, earthquakes, and famines riddled the land. It is hard to fathom God being all knowing and all mighty, yet he sits around and watches as thousands of his followers are killed through these disasters that he could have ceased with a single command or swipe of his hand. It does not seem to be something that a God with love for his children would let happen if he truly loved them like Christians claim. Instead his followers continued to believe that they just needed to have faith and they would be delivered. For Christians God, in likeness, is thought to be as man is with hands, body, and a voice that he uses to speak to his
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