Celta Assignment 1

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CELTA Assignment 1

I’ve been waiting here for two hours.

1. Meaning
I was waiting here 2 hours ago.
I am still waiting here.

2. Form
Subject + have/has + past participle (been) + present participle

3. Pronunciation Contraction of I and have. Been has a short /i/. Stress on ‘/Wei/’ in waiting.

4. Eliciting
Show picture 1 of a man standing with a clock above his head. The time is 12pm.
Show picture 2 of the man still standing but the clock now says 2pm and he looks unhappy while looking at his watch.
Ask – What is he doing? He’s waiting.
How long for? 2 hours.
Is he still waiting? Yes
To elicit – “so give me a sentence, I....”

5. Concept Questions
Was he waiting 2 hours ago? Yes
Is he still waiting now? Yes
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Elicit what possible reasons he could have for not being able to leave London, eg. “Why do you think he can’t leave London? Family, job, he has a house.
Ask – Does he want to be in London? No
Does he want to be somewhere else? Yes
To elicit – so, he.... (wishes.....)

5. Concept Questions
Does he want to live in London? No
Can he move away from London? No
Does he want to live somewhere else? Yes

6. Anticipated Difficulties + Solutions
Form: didn’t is past simple, but the sentence refers to an action that is happening in the present, so students might want to say “I wish I don’t live in London”.

Solution: Drill and highlight form on the whiteboard.

Phonology: students might not use the contraction “didn’t” and instead say “did not”.
Solution: Drill, model and write on whiteboard.

Concept: Students may not understand that the person still lives in London because of “didn’t”.
Solution: Ask CCQs and correct when necessary.

You should’ve locked the window

1. Meaning
The window was open
You didn’t lock the window.
It was a better idea to lock the window.

2. Form

Subject + should have + past participle

3. Pronunciation

Contracted “should have”. “Locked” ending “ed” is pronounced /t/.

4. Eliciting

Show a picture of a cold girl in a house with the window open.
Ask – Was the girl happy? No
Why not? Because she was cold.
Why was she cold? Because the window was open.
If the window was closed, would she

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