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Cambridge CELTA assignment: Focus on the learner Part A My student’s name is Corrado, he’s 42 years old and his L1 is italian. He is an entrepreneur. In fact, he owns a bar where he works with two friends. However, he doesn’t need English at work as I thought. He loves to travel and that’s the main reason for him to learn English: he’s been to London many times and he would like to travel to the US as well and also he likes to organize his own trips so he needs English also to book hotels and flights online. He’s studied English only in school and (he says) with a terrible teacher who gave him no motivation. When he was travelling, he was always with friends who knew English very well so he was not led to try to talk himself.…show more content…
However, the vocabulary he chooses is spelled correctly and most of the times it’s appropriate for the context. Listening: he’s very good with gist comprehension, and when he doesn’t understand he’s able to ask to repeat or to say something slower. That probably comes from his ability to communicate effectively and from the habit of travelling. However, again when it comes to specific use of tenses (such as present continuous used for planned future) he gets lost. Reading: I’ve observed him in class and he seems to not like particularly reading tasks, when he’s doing pair work he starts making up jokes and gets easily distracted. But then when he arrives at the activity after the reading he enjoys it more and starts concentrate. Generally speaking with Corrado we have to consider that he’s an elementary student and he makes many mistakes because he tries to use complicated structures for his level such as present perfect and relative clauses. I think the best thing about Corrado is that he’s very enthusiastic and he’s a natural leader in the group so when he likes an activity (which most of the times he does exept maybe for reading) he’s able to draw the whole class. That’s why I think me and my colleagues tend to choose him as our “volounteer” for demontrations, because he’s not afraid of making a fool of himself and on the contrary he’s happy to laugh

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