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Assignment 1 : FOCUS ON THE LEARNER Learner Profile Juan Carlos is a 50 year old native Colombian student, currently residing in Switzerland. He has an intermediate level of English. He works as an Information Technology (IT) engineer and has acquired the necessary English vocabulary to function effectively within this sector. He would like to improve his everyday English fluency in order to interact more effectively with the Lausanne immigrant community, which uses English as the primary language for communication. Juan Carlos studied English at school, but found it unsatisfying because he only did text book tasks and dialogue memorization. At University, he studied technical English required for the IT industry. After some time,…show more content…
In this activity, each learner would receive the written task and an Article Machine (see Appendix 1) created from a model presented in Explaining English Grammar by George Yule. After a period of individual activity the students would be told to check in pairs by reading the text aloud to one another. Finally the exercise would be corrected as a class with the teacher nominating students to present their answers. Rationale This activity provides Juan Carlos with the opportunity to practice the appropriate usage of indefinite and definite articles. The employment theme of the task reinforces the fact that, in English communication, professions are preceded by an indefinite article. The written part of the activity should allow him to focus on the task of correct article selection and the Article Machine will aid him until he feels sufficiently confident. Checking in pairs and presenting in class should appeal to his social nature. Pronunciation Tongue twisters focusing on the phonemes / j /, / dʒ /, / ʃ / and / tʃ / will help Juan Carlos differentiate and master these distinct English phonemes (see appendix 2). In the beginning a T-S demonstration would take place. The teacher would first say a short tongue twister and then teach it to the class using the ‘backchaining’

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