Celta Assignment 1: Focus on the Leaner Essay

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Christopher Clayton CELTA Assignment 1 ISE Language LTD Centre No. 56108 Assignment 1: Focus on the learner Background For this assignment I chose Fernando; a 25 year old Spanish male from Seville. Fernando is an upper intermediate student, and is currently preparing to undertake his First Certificate examination. Fernando has been living in England for 6 months, since he graduated from university in Spain last year. He has been learning English since he was 11, but has only recently become his primary academic focus. Fernando is currently unemployed, so I assumed his reasons for learning English would be to advance his career prospects. Whilst he did say that hopefully a proficient grasp of English would…show more content…
With this is mind I would direct Fernando towards, “English Grammar in Use, Third Edition”[1] pp 10-11, ex. 5.-5.4. (See attached). This would be ideal for Fernando as it focuses on using ‘did’ and infinitives in questions as well as the past simple more generally. I would also like to devise a task in class giving Fernando the opportunity to ask other students questions about the past, enabling him to practise best form. This would be more apt to Fernando’s learning style. Problem 2 Fernando has a problem overusing the definite article ’the’. This is a classic case of L1 interference. In the Spanish language: “The definite article goes with mass nouns and plural count nouns that are used with a general meaning. *The food is more important than the art.” [2] When talking to Fernando about his hobbies he said he likes to play paddle tennis, which he said was: “similar to the tennis”. I would like to refer Fernando to “Grammar Practice for Intermediate Students”[3] pp1-3. I would ask Fernando to read the succinct description on pp1-2 for study, and complete the practice exercise on p3. (See attached). Due to the complex nature of the English article system, I would monitor Fernando for continued errors in this department. Ultimately, I believe this is a problem that will be resolved with experience and practice. Problem 3

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