Celta Assignment 1

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1.….everything that has happened to us during the day ….. MEANING 1. “has happened” is a grammar structure used for actions which started in the past but continue up to now or to talk about actions that have a result now. Timeline: x (x)(x) has happened past present future CQs : Did it happen in the past? Yes. Is the day going on? Yes. Is it likely to happen some more events? Yes. Are we affected by the things that happened to us during the day? Yes. What events? We didn’t sleep well. What affects do we have now? We may be sleepy and tired now.…show more content…
2. Problem :Students may confuse the meaning and form with simple past tenseSolution: Write two sentences and ask some CQs.e.g:“She went to cinema yesterday” “She’s just gone to cinema?” 1. Which one has an exact time? “Sentence 1”2. Which sentence has an affect now? “Sentence 2.She isn’t here now.” etc.3. Problem: Students may use the base form of the verb instead of the third form. Solution: Cross out the wrong one and write the correct form above with a red board marker happened “…everything has happen …..”4.Problem: Students may stress the auxiliary verbs “ have” /hæv/or “has” /həz/ in short forms.Solution: Do some drilling exercise after modelling “ ’ve” and” ’s” APPROPRIACY Neutral.Appropriate. References 1. http://www.thefreedictionary.com/ 2. http://www.google.com.tr/imgres?q=present+perfect+tense+timeline 3. Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English 4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2bHdXcszJ4 | 2….if scientists invented a pill…., would you take it? MEANING “If conditionals” is the grammar structure used to talk about things possible but very unlikely to be fulfilled. CQs: Is it possible that the scientists invent a pill? “Yes” Is it a strong possibility? “No, weak.” Is the meaning past or present? “Present” Do we imagine here?” Yes” FORM if + past simple would + subj+ bare infinitive CONDITIONAL

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