Celta - Assignment 2 - Focus on the Learner

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Assignment 2 – Focus on the learner LEARNER’S PROFILE Sonia Meirelles is a 27-year old Brazilian student, in the Intermediate English class, who has been studying English for 13 months (since August, 2011). Sonia has a degree in Biology and used to work as a biology teacher in a regular school, however she is currently unemployed. She then decided to start taking English lessons, so she could have more chances when trying to find a job. She enjoys the English classes as she believes it is not only about learning a language but also about learning a different culture. After observing the student and applying questionnaires, I could determine Sonia has high visual and interpersonal intelligence. During classes, Sonia…show more content…
Whenever she receives an email from any of the teachers she usually replies it and asks questions related to what she could not understand (e.g.: Teacher, what does Rgds mean?) Although she is very motivated, during the lessons she prefers to be nominated for activities. Whenever talking to the teacher, she often asks for feedback and after making a mistake, she tries to say it again until she feels she understood it. Specific assessment of learner’s language – Strengths, weaknesses and Analysis of Students errors Grammar: Sonia is very confident when using both present simple (using the auxiliary verb DO in interrogative sentences and DON’T in negative sentences, placing adverbs and conjugating the verbs with He, she and It correctly) and past simple tenses (using the auxiliary verb DID in interrogative sentences and DIDN’t in negative sentences –and the verbs in the base form - and being aware of regular and irregular verbs). e.g.: When do you have holidays? What does regard mean? I usually go to the beach. Jennifer… when she has holidays, she usually visits her parents. However, she still omitts articles in her speech (e.g: I don’t have boss. / I’m Biologist), and uses “ have” instead of “There is” (e.g.: Have a Science Museum in the city.) , both mistakes are made due to L1 interference. In Portuguese, as in the

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