Celta Assignment 3

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Assignment 3: Skills Related Task
Course: Celta
By: Syed Ahmed
Submission date:15/08/2011

Rationale for lesson

The reason why radio advertisement has been chosen is due to the following:

• I would expect students listen to the radio everyday. They are exposed to radio advertisement whether it is in English or in their native language. It is a useful area to explore as students will pick up a few words used in advertisements and hence generate interest in learning the language.

• This area will be interesting as some students may not like a particular advertisement and some may do. This will encourage a healthy discussion amongst the students. A lead in/ warmer can be introduced regarding this subject followed by
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Task 2: The first listening task (p.65)

Before handing out the task I would set the question first. The question first technique is described as ‘‘task before audio’’ (Scrivener 2005 p. 172).
The students will have to match the following options to the advert being listened to.
For example which advert? • Is selling soap powder • Is trying to recruit personnel.
The students will have the chance to listen to the audio. The students will have a basic understanding on how to do the task.

If students have not found the answers to a specific section of the task, it would be necessary to play the recording again (Scrivener 2005 p. 172). This task is useful to introduce the text to the students. If students get the answers correct in the first attempt, this will help build confidence in them and students can move on to the next task.

Task 3: The detailed task (comprehension check p. 65)

Students will have a comprehension exercise in order to catch the specific details such as names, color and so on. I would assume that this exercise will be challenging to the students as they have to listen to the details carefully. However I feel that this exercise will help them pick up phrases such as ‘‘wherefore art though’’ and students will be familiar with it. As stated in Scrivener, 2005 it would be appropriate to play the recording more than once or sufficient number of times for the specific section the students are

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