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CELTA-June 2013 Assignment 3: Skills-Related Part1: Justification of material choice For this Skills-related assignment, my choice of authentic reading material is “Few Places with Better Stories”. from Asian Geographic magazine (no 78 issue 1/2011, pages 30 and 35). As this magazine is widely read and it is also a popular TV channel, the students will be able to relate to it easily. I decided to use this article as I think it is appropriate for English Language learners at the Intermediate level. The article deals with photography which can be a hobby or passion for many adult learners and hence they can identify with the author. It is also biographical, as the author narrates his experiences, thus the reader can bond with the…show more content…
The teacher flashes the answers for the gist reading on the screen (OHP) and for the scanning task, individual students could volunteer to discuss the answers. At this stage the teacher can feedback on how the students located the answers (sequence of information in the paragraphs, lead words, context etc). “ A common scanning activity is searching for information….Although scanning is involved with finding individual points from the text….the way the reader finds the information involves some degree of processing of the overall shape and structure of the text…” (Learning Teaching, Third edition 2011, Jims Scrivener, Macmillan) Part 3: Productive skill task design I would use a writing task for productive skill. As the students have read about underwater life, I would set a guided task to write about the topic: “Your thoughts and feelings of underwater world” (Students are expected to write five sentences) Photos and pictures of marine life will be pasted around the classroom. Each picture/photo will carry a description/key words. Students will do a gallery walk, with a pen and a paper, to note the details and description they would like to use. They will return to their seats to write five sentences about underwater life and their

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