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Assignment One Focus on the Learner Submission date: July 16, 2013 Word count: 875 words Learner profile In order to complete this assignment I decided to observe one of the students from the elementary group. Her name is Diana. She is 21 years old. Her background is as follows: * Diana’s first language is Kazakh, but you can say that Russian is her first language as well, since at home she uses the first one, and for education – the second. She is fluent in both languages. * Diana still has one more year of university to go, she studies history and plans to continue her education with MA program. * Diana comes from a big family; she has 1 older brother and lots of male cousins. She is an active member of student body of…show more content…
After that ARRANGE chairs in a circle so that there is one less chair than the number of students participating. The person in the middle of the circle has to make a sentence, for instance, “I am a student.” A … nd throws the ball to the next person. Teacher tells a place, for instance, “in school” and the next person stands up and tells a sentence using last word of the previous sentence and the place named by the teacher, i.e. “The student is in school”. Then the teacher tells another word that the next student has to add into his/her sentence. If someone makes a mistake, the peers will have to correct. Result: correct use of verb be in the present simple tense. Word order (adapted from http://busyteacher.org/16041-word-order.html, http://busyteacher.org/15072-sentence-construction-sv-and-svo.html) Aim: to drill correct formation of sentences and make Ss remember that it is not flexible. Props: Word order handouts, mock trophies

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