Celta Assignment - Focus on the Learner

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Assignment One
Focus on the Learner
Submission date: July 16, 2013
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Learner profile
In order to complete this assignment I decided to observe one of the students from the elementary group. Her name is Diana. She is 21 years old. Her background is as follows: * Diana’s first language is Kazakh, but you can say that Russian is her first language as well, since at home she uses the first one, and for education – the second. She is fluent in both languages. * Diana still has one more year of university to go, she studies history and plans to continue her education with MA program. * Diana comes from a big family; she has 1 older brother and lots of male cousins. She is an active member of student
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Learner’s strengths and weaknesses.
The student’s main strength is that she is not afraid of speaking and making mistakes. Being an elementary level student, she makes regular mistakes corresponding both to the level and to being a Russian language speaker (Learner English, Swan, M and Smith, M CUP).
Firstly, Diana does not use the verb be in the sentences, where it is appropriate (“My specialty at university history”).
Secondly, she attempts to use the past simple tense, but cannot form it properly (“I was study”).
Thirdly, Diana has problems with plurals, she forgets to use the –s ending – “I was study in two school and it was…”
Fourthly, she struggles with some vocabulary, namely she does not make difference between the verb live and the noun life (“… we dicided who is who and what to do in live).
Diana tries to use new words immediately, but sometimes is unable to produce them correctly. During the observed lessons she could not say couple of words correctly, namely, she pronounced fear as /fju/, and lawyer as /’lɒuvə/.
She tends to use contraction “wanna” every time she says want, even when there is no to after it, e.g. “I wanna sister” instead of saying “I want a sister”.
She confuses introductory words, for instance when she explained to me what she likes about university better than about school, she used question word “What about” instead of simply “About”.
And the last, since none of her first languages

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