Celta Assignment Lessons from the Classroom Essay

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(I had to resubmit this because I did not give enough detail for 2 of my weaknesses - if I can figure out how I will add the resubmission for which I got good feedback) Observation I have learned from observing my peers and experienced teachers how important it is to use a variety of teaching methods and styles. Within the same lesson I have witnessed teachers organising their students so that they worked alone, in pairs, in pods, and in teams. The students were encouraged to move around the classroom, doing exercises pinned to the wall, and to write on the whiteboard. This kept the energy high and engaged students who like to learn by doing. I have witnessed how important visual aids are in a classroom, in order to clarify…show more content…
It also lessened my anxiety about teaching them. It is so much easier, quicker and less complicated to simply feed the class information and to tell them the answer when they make mistakes. Theoretically I know this is ineffective, however I can teach in this way when I am anxious and feeling pressed for time. By watching more experienced teachers I have noticed the benefits of encouraging students to correct themselves and each other, and to elicit the answers, sometimes by circuitous routes. It will be rewarding to do more of this myself as I grow in confidence. I have learned from videos, teaching and observations, various non-verbal ways to correct mistakes and give information about meaning, pronunciation and form – for example, with rhythm, finger correction, Cuisenaire rods, facial expressions, repetition, using the group and many other ways. Again as I become more confident, I will be able to use these more effective methods. One of my fellow students has a flair for creativity in preparation of tasks, which the students find compelling. Another’s board work and materials are very clear, providing essential visual back up to her teaching. My materials and creativity have improved, but my board work can be untidy, unclear and inconsistent. Strengths 1. I am good at establishing

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