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PRE- INTERVIEW TASK 1. In each of the following sentences underline the verb or verb and identify the form/ tense used.

a) We never go to the theatre these days.
Present Simple b) We are saving up to travel abroad
Present Perfect Continuous c) We have already been to Europe.
Past Perfect d) We didn’t have enough money to go further.
Past Simple e) We had spent all our savings by the end of the summer.
Past Perfect f) We had been sleeping rough for several weeks when the weather turned colder.
Past Perfect Continuous g) This year I ‘ve been awarded a travel scholarship
Present Perfect. h) We are going to travel for six months in Australia and I’m going to
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I will instruct them to work in pairs and exchange the information with each other. I will also do board game with students asking students to write their information on the board and the class guesses questions about the student. It’s a great warming up activity for the students. At the same time it gives confidence for the student to share their information with the whole class. If time allows I will do a mini class activity like True and False statements. I will write five sentences about myself out of which two sentences are false, asking students to guess the right sentence. Then asking students to do this activity in pair. All this fun activities will put students at ease with each other and open them for learning.

b) Problems associated with teaching adult learners and right approach in teaching.

Teaching adult learner can be challenging especially if they come from very traditional background. Most of them will be coming to college after a long break. Adults have problem centred approach to learning and have established values, beliefs and opinions. They may need help in acquiring study skills and techniques and more time to grasp new concepts. Adult learners are also result oriented and come to college with specific results in mind and can drop out easily if course does not lead to results. Most of them will be self-directed and will not be dependent on others for direction.
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