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The learner I have chosen for my focus assignment is a woman of Nepalese origin, she is in her early 30’s and she came to this country over 2 years ago as an economic migrant. She lives with her with family in London and is currently studying ESOL a Greenwich Community College.
Educational Background
The learner I have chosen has a general level of education from her native country, having attended nursery, primary and secondary schools. In her period of education in secondary school, she managed studied the English language for approximately 5 years.
Her Learning Style and Use of the English
Based upon my general observations of her in class and an interview I conducted with her,
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This problem stems from the fact that South Asian languages do not have an equivalent of the definite article, and due to this many speakers of these South Asian languages (including Nepalese) have difficulties with articles and often omit them in sentences as stated by Michael Swan in Learner English.
Language Focus and Materials
In order to help my chosen learner I will focus on her problem with use of the definite article “the”, and I will devise a suitable lesson plan with relevant materials in relation to her language problem. It is also my adopted view that she needs to practice using the English language more outside the classroom environment, as tests have proven that grasping the English language for foreign students is achieved better by a combination of classroom learning and practicing the language outside the classroom environment), as opposed to just learning in the classroom and not practicing the language outside (David Riddell in Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
The materials I have selected for my chosen learner is a chapter (64) from Raymond Murphy’s Essential Grammar in Use. This chapter specifically deals with the usage of the definite article “the” and provides exercises for the students to learn and practice from. When using this material i will adapt it to make suitable for my particular student, and i will also shorten its length so it doesn’t become too tedious for my student.
The reason i have
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