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Language Related Assignment
Adrian Nicholas Crouch
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1. The plane leaves at 10.00 tomorrow. Form Present tense referring to the future + time marker. definite article + subject + verb in the present simple tense + preposition + time marker

Function/meaning Statement of fact/future action set by timetable or schedule. Context Someone who has arranged a holiday abroad and is confirming travel arrangements for the following day with a family member.

Concept Questions Is he going today? No. When is he going? Tomorrow. The future. Can he change the time the plane leaves? No, because the plane is scheduled by the airline to leave at 10.00 tomorrow. Target Models The taxi comes at 08.00
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No, they were already packing away their things and leaving. Would the students have left Room 3 if the fire alarm bell had not sounded? Yes, they were already leaving.

Target Models The students were going when the bell rang. The lesson was finishing when the bell rang. The students were packing their things when the bell rang.


Anticipated learner problems o Students may be confused by verbs in their past tense form combined verbs in their continuous form (-ing) and mix verb use and tense. o Students may put the past plural form of the verb to be (were) into the past singular form (was). o Students may omit the past tense of the verb to be when constructing the past perfect. o Students may be confused by the use of the past participle rather than past tense form of a verb when constructing the past perfect. o Pronunciation of the word students (stjuːdənts) may cause problems, especially with the weak e. o A clear context and use of concept questions must be used in order to furnish students with a clear understanding of the differences between the three sentences in relation to time and tense (see context as given at beginning of question 2.). o Some pronunciation issues

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