Celta Pre Interview Task Essay

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1. Check in a grammar reference book and give examples of the following tenses. Give REALISTIC NATURAL examples that might commonly be spoken or written by a native speaker.

a. Present Simple I live in London b. Present Continuous I am at home c. Past Simple I studied at Oxford d. Past Continuous The cat was sleeping on the sofa e. Present Perfect Simple I have been to Canada f. Present Perfect Continuous I have been living in London for 15 years g. Past Perfect I lived in Oxford before moving to York h. Past Perfect Continuous I lived in York for 3 years before moving 2. Many
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or any combination of these – remember this is not an exclusive list.

Imagine you are teaching low level students. You are going to teach these vocabulary items to them. How would you teach each item individually in the most efficient way? Remember, your students have a very low level of English – so keep what you say as simple as possible! Also consider words that they might confuse with the words you are teaching. Write your answers below.

|unemployed | |
| |not working |
|tiny | |
| |small |
|wasp |bee |
| | |
|to earn |Make

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