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Language– Structure 1. Check in a grammar reference book and give examples of the following tenses. Give REALISTIC NATURAL examples that might commonly be spoken/written by a native speaker. a.Present Simple I wake up late. b.Present Continuous He is eating. c.Past Simple She sat down. d.Past Continuous They were still talking when I left. e.Present Perfect Simple He hasn’t lived in London for long. f.Present Perfect Continuous It has been raining for days. g.Past Perfect He had eaten. h.Past Perfect Continuous She had been playing for hours. 2. Many foreign learners have learnt that Will and Shall are used to refer to the future in English e.g. Jane'll be home…show more content…
Also consider words that they might confuse with the words you are teaching. Write your answers below. Unemployed Words: ‘No job’, ‘No work’, Actions: Cross hands over in a waving fashion whilst shaking head and speaking the above words. Write the word ‘Job’ on the board and put a cross through it. If they do not understand the words ‘job’ and ‘work’, a good way to get the information across would be to put pictures of people in employment on the board with smiley faces next to them and then somebody that has lost their job with a sad face. J L You can then cross out the employed people and put an arrow next to the unemployed guy with a sad face. Tiny Words: ‘Small’, ‘Not big’ Actions: Indicate something small with your thumb and forefinger. Draw something big on the board proceeded by an arrow and the same image but smaller. Use 2 items or pictures in the classroom, one big, one small and use the word ‘Tiny’ when pointing to the small item and ‘big’ to the other. Wasp Actions: Make a buzzing sound whilst flapping hands. Draw a wasp on the board and colour it with black markings. Draw a bee next to the wasp with the names underneath each to distinguish the 2 and to show the similarity between the 2 to help recognition. to earn Words: ‘Money’, ‘Get money’ Actions: Rub fingers together whilst saying ‘money’. Draw £ or $ sign on a

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