Celts Informative Speech

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I would like to inform you about the way the Celts celebrated Halloween. Celts were an ancient European group. The Celts were the one of the first groups to celebrate Halloween. The Celts were celebrated Halloween by sacrificing animals and wearing the animals’ heads and also pelts. The Celts put out the other fires, for a big ceremonial fire. The ceremonial fire was relit by the Druids, after the fire was put out. This was tradition was started back in 4000b.c. The animals they sacrificed were birds.
The Celts are from Ireland. The celts are pagan believers. Pagan believers believe in nature. Pagans are still around. In a 2011 census, there were 57,000 people who were pagans. The celts and the Druids performed human sacrifices as well.
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