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Industrialization and becoming a modern society was key ideology in Russia in order to compete with the other already industrialized countries of the world. Russia was one of the biggest and strongest countries, full of natural resources and not they had fully industrialized. Russian wanted to be like a European country but its identity was completely different from a European country. Russia pushed its citizens to industrialize quickly in order to close the gap and be able to keep up with the already industrialized countries. What the leaders of Russia did not know is that industrialization introduces ideological and philosophical changed in the mind set of people. In order to industrialize a country
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The Russian army was out dated many soldiers did not have guns they had to pick them off a dead solider from the battle ground. Many soldiers were starving and had bad moral. Many soldiers left the army to return home as they war front got closer to the home Russians realized that it was the same chaos and hunger. Nicholas II was a poor leader so busy about his failing army and spending much of his time in the western front, that he did not realize how much his country was falling apart. There were bread riots railroad workers rioted and the army was sent to bring back order but instead the army joined the workers. The Russian strikes were big in the city of Petrograd the army stayed in its barracks knowing the size of the protesters. Women and children also joined in theses rebellious events. The people of Russia were hungry and cold and tired of working and dying for the rich and for a war that meant nothing to them. Russia was loosing the war, control of the Baltic Sea by the German naval fleet, and of the Black Sea by German and Ottoman forces prevented Russia from importing supplies and exporting goods. Russia as a country was dissolving from within. All of these events lead to the October revolution (November of the Gregorian calendar), which end the war between Russia and Germany and the Bolsheviks took over the governments of Russia. The war was over and a new begging had begun.
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