Censored Violent Video Games Research Paper

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Reasons why people think it is right to censor violent video games is because they believe that these type of video games are making children of today have behavioral issues due to what they see inside of the game,there are certain barriers that video game graphics can withstand far cry primal is a game that came out in 2015, is near the peak of how much reality can be added to a game’s graphics. However only 69% of parents actually check ratings before buying games, while four out of five american homes contain an device that is used to play video game which is a way of saying that more parents don’t care what their children play than parents who do. Superb reasons why video games should not be censored due to children playing violent games is because the economy relies a lot on the video game…show more content…
The ratings are meant to help people to decide what is good for themselves, and the only people who care more about the ratings are the rating companies. For example “Jack Thompson, a Coral Gables, Fla., attorney who has gone after violent video games and rappers with foul lyrics before, focused on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Last month, he said he videotaped a 10-year-old boy buying this video game, the top-selling game last year, at a Miami Best Buy store. The store clerk didn't ask for ID, even though this game shouldn't be sold to anyone under 17, Thompson said.” ( What this means is that gaming companies are not responsible for kids getting their hands on violent games and should be punished by getting their games censored or even worse banned because parents are not watching closely to what their kids are involved in on the screen. “The gaming industry is vastly growing throughout the nation and worldwide. "We don't sell it to 10-year-olds. It's legal to sell it to adults, but we keep it out of children's hands. The material in these games seems to be ignored" for its offensiveness, considering how easily it gets to kids, he says
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