Censoring Science Review and Analysis Essay

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Censoring Science Mark Bowen Censoring Science begins in Washington D.C., where we are introduced to Dr. James Hansen. Born in 1941 on a farm in Denison, Iowa, Jim was the fifth child and first boy out of seven children. His father, who had minimal education, held many different low-paying jobs and the family moved rather frequently. In third grade, Jim’s sister gave him part of her paper route- a job he would keep throughout high school, gradually saving up enough money to pay for college. Though he was a rather laid-back student, he earned the highest score on an IQ test (taken by seventh-twelfth graders) in seventh grade. Because of his test scores Jim received a scholarship to the University of Iowa, where he came under the…show more content…
During Jim and Andy’s third year in graduate school, Matsushima won a grant to visit Japan and the two joined him there. One day at the University of Kyoto, Jim noticed an advertisement on a bulletin board for postdoctoral fellowships at various NASA institutions. He wrote to them, got some information, and decided to apply at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) in New York City, mainly because of its focus on planetary science and astrophysics. His letter of recommendation was written by none other than James Van Allen, and in early 1967 Jim packed his bags and heading for the big city, where he’s been ever since. After a non-stop drive from Iowa City, Jim arrived in Manhattan New York with little more than the letter that told him his temporary address. The Paris Hotel on West End Ave. at Ninety-Sixth Street was about a mile walk from GISS. At the time, the institute was being run by Robert Jastrow, a brilliant individual who had founded it six years earlier. GISS owned one of the only two IBM 360/95s that were ever built; for a short time they were the fastest machines in the world. Jim mostly met other scientists by “bumping into them” at the computer. He had a habit of working most of his waking hours. His remarkable productivity was evident from the start and he usually worked very late into the evening, although he quickly learned that walking back to the Paris Hotel down dark West End Ave. at one a.m. wasn’t
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