Censoring The Censorship Of Media

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Cesar Ortega Mrs. Martinez English, Period 8th 11/28/2014 Censoring In the 21st century the censoring of media should be scarce but in the contrary it’s being reinforce by countries. For instance, the act of censoring gay media hurts all those individuals who are members of the LGBT community and those who wish to learn more about the LGBT community and its history. It prevents people who wish to find more resources and information that might be able to change their life for the better. Censoring gay medial is okay when it promotes hatred and violence but it should not be censor when it promotes helpful information. It can also promote tolerance and acceptance for gay people and in the process it would be fighting hatred and…show more content…
Is not just one country that makes it impossible for gay people to be free and openly gay, there are dozens. It’s a real shame to see that many governments are ignorant enough to believe that imprisonment of gay people will solve the problems their country possesses. When countries like Cameron have laws that punish people for being gay there is also expected for those countries to censor websites and media the show gay couples or LGBT resources. In a very similar way is Uganda’s Rolling stone newspaper publishes photographs of gay people with “the headline ’Hang Them, They are after Our Kids: Pictures of Top 100 Homos’” (Oates). Having a government that supports discrimination towards gay people makes it impossible for anyone to be willing to speak out loud to try to stop the injustices toward the LGBT community. The people fear that if they speak up they would be putting their life at risk. In a society where the persecution of gay people is vastly supported there is not a lot of resources available for people to understand that gay people are being misrepresented with the wrong convictions. As is also well known in Russia where “Anti-free-speech laws targeting homosexuals are sweeping Russian cities” (Antonova).Though Russia might not directly punish gay people for being gay, they are suppressing their rights that allow them to express themselves. With laws that are intended to prevent gay people
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