Censoring the Internet

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Censoring the Internet When most people think about the internet, they think of it as a super highway system that has the capability to transfer information. The internet grew up to become an expanding source for amusement and intelligence; in a way that we have never seen before. Since there isn't anything like the internet, as more people become more recognized with the internet, the information that surrounds the internet develops as well. Anyone can post ideas about whatever they want at any time of the day. The internet allows us to debate or discuss our personal or social thoughts willingly. With the use of spreading information, without buying additional materials to post information, the internet seemingly grew into the power hub of information. There has been a thriving dispute over whether there should be restrictions to the material we post. Some believe that the internet should be censored, which would have the ability to block any content that is believed to be a danger for society. I believe that some information should be censored like the promotion of weapons and pornography to children, but that should be the parents' issue. Since the internet grew up to be such a huge part of our world, I believe that censoring the internet would create more problems for the future. The internet belongs to everyone, so we should all have the ability to post anything we want to say. Censoring the internet is like having a prison guard monitoring everything you are
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