Censorship And Censorship Of Web Content

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Censoring the web Module code: COIS40897 Student number: 14020070 Submission deadline: 23:59 on Monday, 3rd November 2014. Abstract This paper evaluates the restrictions, or lack of restrictions, on web content, focusing on the political and ethical notions of the censorship of web content. The question on many people’s minds is: Should the web be censored? This author believes it is the sole responsibility of the user, to protect themselves from un-desirable material on the web. However when it comes to child abuse, and similar atrocities, more should be done to eliminate and block such material. Contents 1. Abstract 2. Contents 3. Introduction 4. Overview 5. Discussion 6. Summary 7. References…show more content…
This move to censor pornography has just intentions, but this author believes that censorship in this manner should be the responsibility of parents. Perhaps there should be an alternative, such as, equipping parents with the tools to control their own data consumption and block access to the content they do not wish, or do not want their children, to have access to. Some people may wish to access adult content, whilst denying their children access to it. Without the knowledge of self web regulation, they would not be able to access adult content, without the risk of exposing their children to it. The points made by the Prime Minister (as stated above), about protecting children from the dark online world, are completely justified. The online world can have an adverse influence on children. According to the NSPCC: Graphic images and scenes can be very disturbing to children and cause a lot of distress. In 2012-13 ChildLine received 475 calls from young people who 'd been affected in this way. NSPCC 2013. Adult material can cause mental scars in some children, whereas others, after consuming pornography, now have a twisted view on reality: Pornography has Influence on attitudes of some children, towards reality. Children who watch online porn can believe that it gives a

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