Censorship And Education In Plato's Republic

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Plato’s Republic focuses majorly on the search to find justice, but also gives a lot of attention to education and how the quality of education dictates how just a person and a society will become. Socrates spends time creating the Kallipolis in order to disprove Thrasymacus’ claim that justice is the advantage of the stronger. However, through the methodology used by Socrates to educate the citizens of the Kallipolis, he supports the claim Thrasymacus makes.
This form of education focuses on the youth of the city and uses censorship and persuasion to guide and teach the youth rather than reason. This tactic is essential to the success of the individual and society because censoring will allow them to grow and build the ideal character type,
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Many of Socrates’ statements suggest that the moral education offered to each class is substantially different. For example, Socrates asks Glaucon, ‘In the city we’re establishing, who do you think will prove to be better men, the guardians, who receive the education we’ve described, or the cobblers, who are educated in cobblery?’ (456d). Socrates suggests that his city will be harmonized through persuasion (431e-432a) and he claims that the city will run smoothly with relatively few laws (427a). No one will ever find the need to think, speak, or behave in an unacceptable manner because they will not have the mental capability of even thinking to do such a…show more content…
This allows the rulers to dictate exactly who will serve what purpose in society following the political and economic structure without the individuals questioning the system. Because the strongest and wisest people carry the most power, they will have the ability to make the judgements for assigning citizens to their classes, creating laws, and creating sanctions. Because they’re known to have the best judgement, the things they say and do and are considered the most just, which supports Thrasymacus’ claim that justice is the advantage of the

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