Censorship And Freedom Of Speech Essay

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Censorship is becoming a great issue lately especially in china.there is type of censorship moral ,political ,book and intent.it is by definition anything can be offensive or harmful so it must be banned usually by high authority as governments .it is arguable whether the governments have the right to censor the media or no.people debate it because it is limit the freedom of speech and press if the authorities have the power to control media by controlling the information. However,media should not be censored because it minimizes the freedom of speech, restraints the access to important information and it is pro-dictatorship. To begin with there are some disadvantages for censorship .freedom of speech is compromised. It cuts down people’s ability to express their ideas freely using the internet people will be scared to share their real knowledge and thought. As a result, they might use self-censorship to guarantee their own safety well-being .(Gilman).for example ,The Hong Kong Journalists Association published a report the growth of censorship is a threat china also, in hong kong the freedom of speech is declined .the worst consequence is that there are some perpetrators and instigators of crimes of violence against the media and journalists. Those who encourage people to violent toward media enjoying the impunity of not being punished(Beijing 's invisible hand reaches ever deeper into Hong Kong media May 2016 ). Censorship hinders the freedom of press therefore,it
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