Censorship And Its Effect On Society

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Sometimes censorship might have a positive effect on society. For example, parents consider censorship to be important in order to protect minors and some group of audiences from indecent broadcast or obscenity. Contents like this are deemed to be harmful or offensive to public good and are usually highly regulated by the government. Most parents agree that it is imperative to censor obscene entertainment in order to safeguard children from accessing harmful materials and this is one of the positive effects of censorship. On the contrary some people might have a different view and argue that viewing decisions should be made at home without government interference. They might argue that parents can exercise their authority on their children without resorting to censorship. There are devices that make it possible to block access to specific programs and web sites, reviews about books, recordings, and films are available easily. This will help parents determine what they feel is appropriate for their youngsters. Advocates of these idea believe that parents have the right to challenge any work if the teaching contained is against their belief. One of the major effects of censorship is having limited access to information and a decline in creativity or openness. The people in power can determine what can and cannot be published by blocking the spread of information. This system prevents the information from being created and in the long run, it might result in a generation
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