Censorship And Its Effect On Society

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I. A. Censorship. This single word describes the world’s history of literary sabotage, the idea of rejecting a concept or other medium of propaganda simply because it exhibits a disagreeable or supposedly immorally tepid aspect, then forcibly substituting a more ‘ethical’ ideal. Since King Hammurabi stamped out the first cuneiform laws in Babylon, human society has experienced relentless episodes of chronic censorship. It wasn’t until the Roman Empire however, that the word censor was coined, meaning to appraise, value, and judge. Throughout history, censorship assumed a negative connotation, as bureaucratic campaigns titled as censorship delegations forced their view upon society, tenaciously outlawing all literary and verbal material…show more content…
A relevant example of this concept is the banning of the classic novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, in Waukegan, Illinois. The school district proclaimed that its arbitrary dialect of black slaves was slanderously stereotypical, barring all students from reading the novel, inciting further debate because of its pro-abolitionist theme. As aptly demonstrated, censorship of literary content should not be imposed on schools. II. A. I chose to speak on this topic simply because the essence of correcting America’s view of literary and entertainment censorship has now reached unbearable heights, threatening to defile the First Amendment. B. In addition to correcting censorship obligations, I also anticipate voicing the inductive and deductive processes of which constitute the quintessence of censored logic. III. While literary censorship is not as prominent among Idaho as the South Eastern States, entertainment censorship afflicts part of our everyday lives. Need/Problem: I. As a first-rate country, opulent with a cultural melting-pot American is renowned for its ethical and cultural diversity. Thus, America is exposed to thousands of varying morals, of which inevitably brew from cultural idiosyncrasy. Unfortunately, contrasting morals and cultural standards induce the perfidy of contradiction, a flambeaux’s bright flare which only when a spark of difference ignites the damp oil that soaked its wick for centuries. At large, America reflects a Christian
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