Censorship Between Music And Violence

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Censorship is an issue that is consistently dealt with globally. It is the control or supervision of the information dispersed within a society. As children are growing up in the world of technology and as television is becoming a bigger influence in this world, children are being exposed to many visuals of inappropriate behaviour through a screen. Many of the biggest video games are violent games which give youth a sense of action and excitement but at the same time, it makes them more prone to aggression in the real world. Music provides a powerful form of expression in which some cases promotes a violent meaning and as youth listen to this, it can open their minds to the viewpoint of the artist. Violence shown in media influences young people…show more content…
Marilyn Manson is a musician whose songs are filled with lyrics that usually talk about murderous revenge against bullies. Young people that are in the same situation discussed in the lyrics will find themselves looking to the lyrics for help when dealing with bullies. Many children involved in shootings or murders idolized Marilyn Manson, “Five Wisconsin teenagers who had carefully planned a bloodbath at their school in revenge for being teased were Manson fans” (Jipping 76). Manson’s music provided these children with something to turn towards for support during tough times. His music had youth thinking the way of the artist and wanting to commit the same acts of violence to deal with their bullies. There have been many studies showing that many of these children committing violent acts link back to Marilyn Manson as they have all listened to his songs. The connection between the acts of these young people and Manson’s lyrics is that his desires of violence on his enemies ended up being the desires of violence on the children’s enemies. In addition, fans of heavy metal music are more prone to show aggression and violent behaviour. For instance, the band “Bloodbath” is a heavy metal band that focuses their songs on killing and cannibalism. This type of music usually has harmful themes such as violence, rape, and murder which can exhibit poor behaviour. These themes all find their way back to the common pattern of violent behaviour that influences youth to act violently. People who listen to negative or destructive messages internalize those messages more and listen to the lyrics in more depth (Jipping 80). Fans of these more negative songs claim to know everything about the song and its meaning and be able to connect it to their own life. This results in the heavy metal fans to act in a more aggressive way like the artist of their favourite song has approached the issue. As a result,

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