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Without the history of Censorship, what type of things would children be watching? Without the unique methods of Censorship, what kinds of films would be being released into the public? Throughout this essay I will be explaining the steps taken to achieve the level of Censorship, that we have now.

In 1900-1950 every movie in the world was rated before being released. The government, of the country in which the movie was made always did this. In 1956 the rules were changed. Each movie’s script was now required to go before a Film Board, before being produced. If approved the company was allowed to go on with production. In 1968 the Film Board of the Motion Picture Association of America adopted
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4. X-No one under 17 is admitted.

Throughout History Production companies have been influenced by Religious, Ethnic, Racial and political groups, who have lobbied against content they deem controversial.

In 1953 a producer named Otto Preminger, made a movie called ”The Moon is Blue”. This movie caused the collapse of the Production Code from previous years. The movie caused such controversy because of one line in it “ a professional virgin”. Because in 1953 the scripts of movies were read before they were produced, and the organization CARA was not yet established, Otto Preminger was not given a seal of approval. Before he was denied a seal of approval, we were given the opportunity to cut the line out of the movie and go on. So he agreed to cut it out, but the rest of the movie had quotes in it that implied similar things to that. This is what started the slow loss of power for the Production Code. The Code was renewed in 1956, 1961 and then in 1968 the new approach of the organization CARA was reached.

     As of 1990, the Motion Picture Association of America has a newer system of rating movies. It is quite similar to that of 1968.

There are now five categories:
1. G- general audiences
2. PG- parental guidance advised.
3. PG-13: parental guidance advised for anyone under 13 years of age.
4. A parent or guardian must accompany r-anyone under 17.
5. NC-17No persons under the age of 17 admitted.

In the past the rule of

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