Censorship In China Analysis

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In the article entitled “China Congress: How authorities censor your thoughts,” it evaluates how the Chinese government has high control over the thoughts and actions of their citizens. In other words, China, being the communist country they are, authorizes the control of the media and does not allow certain things to be expressed, such as “a message featuring the name of this country's ever-more-powerful leader and his sometimes-used nickname Winnie the Pooh” would not go through. This censorship does not only affect social media platforms but extends almost everywhere, from Tv programs to texting, acting and to the press. Citizens in China aren't even safe with their very own texting device, WhatsApp, as it is monitored and “reported to relevant authorities due to new regulations”.…show more content…
For example, Journalist and News Reporters have their own set of rules, which “requires all interviews with experts or scholars to be approved by the outlets work unit leadership and the central propaganda department”, while TV programs and dramas are supposed to only create shows that “enhance people's cultural taste and strengthen spiritual civilisation”. These specific rules restrict much of what the people can express and prevents them from causing “friction” between the government and their citizens. However, citizens aren't doing much to solve this dilemma because they are living in fear and are “staying well clear of certain subjects” so that they don't end up in trouble with the local authorities. Furthermore, censorship in China is believed to work so efficiently that “other governments around the world are looking on with admiration” and might even possibility adopt their
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