Censorship Is A Controversial Topic Essay

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Censorship in the media that is a very common yet, controversial topic due to the subject matter being around children and the youth. It has sparked attention from many government and public individuals that have demanded a probation on certain age groups. The official start on the entire blockade of certain age groups has started with the MPAA” Motion Picture Association of America” in wanting to prohibit certain age groups from viewing certain movies, yet there has always been ways around the rating system for the youths. Today, Censorship is a controversial topic that has many different outlooks on the topic in general for those who may support or oppose the practice in use. Censorship is a major topic that has taken many activists on top of the issue entirely and on every aspect regarding the issue. Such activist groups proclaim to want rules to be enforced that would prevent explicit content to be blocked or banned within the public. Which if not in a way would be enforced it would cause the world would be crazy without it. While there are individuals that support the topic, which support such claims that the bad content is bad for the minds of the young, and there are those who oppose such practices in a different way. While those who argue that censorship should disappear they come across arguments that basically suggest that censorship denies access to vital information and fights against the first amendment freedom of speech which applies to all individual
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