Censorship Is Monitoring Or Withholding Information Essay

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Censorship is monitoring or withholding information. The information can come from a book, drama, media, or any other form of entertainment; but it is usually considered a threat to the consumer. Yet the consumer is not always the audience. Sometimes the threat is to a politician or government official. The debate over topics in the realm of what is acceptable and what should be banned only continues to rise as more taboo topics become acceptable. Some argue that keeping certain things behind closed doors is imperative for a harmonious living place. Others say that a small discourse is critical to remain sane. Censorship is a way of protecting society from itself. Leaders and parental figures can make the choice to monitor what is read, watched, and consumed, but until the world lives the life worthy of a children’s’ book the effort is futile. While the narrative being taught may be inappropriate or harsher it doesn’t decrease the value of it.
Arguments are shown throughout everyday life over every topic. The question isn’t, “When will society stop fighting the norm?” The question is, “When will society stop fighting change?” The world evolves with every second. With that evolution society blurs the line with what is acceptable and not. Sixty years ago the idea of two boys kissing was the equivalent of burning a baby in church on a Sunday morning. Today, two men kissing is celebrated with its’ own parade. Social norms and ideals have been ripping down the cloak of

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