Censorship Is Not Freedom, Morality, And Safety Of The People

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When you think of the word, “censorship”, what do you think of? Secrecy? Morality? Oppression? Liberals often see censorship as a limit set by the government. A limit to suppress the capabilities of the human race. A limit that keeps a country’s citizens intact. A limit that keeps the people ignorant so that the powerful can stay powerful. But what if I told you that censorship isn’t what the liberals say it is? What if I told you that censorship is the thing that is keeping our country together? Ladies, gentlemen, and other, censorship is not oppression. Censorship is what protects the freedoms, morality, and safety of the people.
Who remembers watching anime on TV at least once in your lifetime? Have you noticed seeing things missing from the original episode online? It’s not only just in anime, but on talk shows, cartoons, and reality television. The reason being that television and radio are considered public domain where anyone is able to access through means of today’s vast arrays of technology. However, because everyone’s able to access such content with ease, that would mean our youth are vulnerable to these messages as well. In a study by Sarah Knoploh,
From June 10 to July 22 [2009], 29 songs were listed on the top 20 airplay charts as posted by Mediabase. An astonishing 69 percent of the songs made at least one reference to sex, alcohol, drugs, or contained profanity. Nearly half (46 percent) of the songs contained sexual lyrics and 31 percent of the songs…
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