Censorship Issues In High Schools

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Young journalists in schools around America feel like they are being denied their first amendment. In Ocean Lake high school 2 out of 5 school papers aren't published. Censorship issues have been going on for years. The "Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier" Supreme Court case, in 1988, states that students cannot be censored by student officials if they have established the paper as a public forum(Innterobang/2007/3). Two of the articles were about teen pregnancy in, which he interviewed some, and Parent divorce. The articles were thrown out because there was no time to edit it, in which lead to the students claiming their first amendment was violated. If the paper receives any funding from the school, the school can have special guide lines the paper has to follow. Some of the rules are understandable like promoting drugs, hate articles, and much more shouldn't be in a school paper. There have been numerous occasions where the students had abused their first amendment. In 1986…show more content…
Like I said earlier, 2 out of 5 papers weren't printed in Ocean Lake high school. If teens are exposed to real life problems they would be better off in the real world. Real life problems can be expressed through the school paper.Thats a reason for the school paper not to be censored. In conclusion I believe the school paper should be limited to censoring. There should still be censoring to an extent, like when the kid had sexual puns in the paper. It's still school you shouldn't have stuff like that in the papers. The censoring shouldn't get as bad as Ocean Lake high school. I think that teen pregnancy and other teen issues should be in the school paper to inform and protect the teens of the school. The first amendmaent is avalible for everyone and should be protected. I side with not censoring the school paper. Which do you side
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