Censorship Of Movies And Games And The Australian Classification Board

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856975J ?Background information/Research Area When I first started to think about the research topic to investigate I was intrigued by the idea of researching in the field of technology. I have always like the idea of where technology could take us. Then I started to think of something that has been around for about 40 years, video games. If I had difficulty finding a research topic for video games I was going to have a look at researching censorship in Australia. That was a last resort however because it would be a very hard topic to cover due to the different forms of censorship and it can be very opinionated. If I was to go down that path I would have looked into censorship of movies and games and the Australian classification board.…show more content…
Since I had already played the game I asked the parents if they were aware of the content in the game and they responded with no, in short the parents were quite shocked of what I describe to them about what was in the game. I also thought that even if parents did care about what their kids were watching and playing (in this case more playing) what if the kids have other means of getting the games that they want. ??????????????? Refinement of Topic Deciding what area to study for my research project was rather easy. Technology is one of my favourite areas of research. Because technology is a massive area to cover I started to think about what branch of technology I could study. Luckily for me I turned on the television one day and the news channel flicked on and just happened to be talking about online gaming because a sports event an ?esport?. This instantly flicked a switch from me, leading me to entertainment and video games. Whilst running through different ideas a few stood out to me, that being ?Why do we play video games?? and ?How do video games affect people psychologically?? Both of these questions seemed to have very similar problems. They always ended up with either a bias option either against or towards the idea or there
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