Censorship Of The Beat Generation

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During the Second World War, it was a trying and solemn period for America so many turned to writing to reflect their situation as a form of comfort. However, there were restrictions on what was read, written, heard and spoke due to the influence of communism. During this period of suppression, there a group of young, intelligent and anti-conformist boys who were studying at Colombia University. Jack Kerouac, William Burroughs, and Allen Ginsberg are the ‘founders’ of Beat Generation. The group beliefs focused on individuality, lack of censorship and salvation which shifted the lifestyle of Americans in terms of how they perceived the social norms around them. One of their notable achievement was rebelling against censorship.
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It has many counter aggressions to push indecency standards. However, the indecency standards were later lowered in 2009.

As mentioned in diagram 1, censorship reduce from 1971 onwards. It is also evident in diagram 2 that from 1971-1975, there was an increase in journals writing about the social movements in America. There was a tremendous growth from 1986 onwards when there was more people getting involved in it. Hence, it can be said that there have been awareness and challenge of ideas during this period from 1971-2005.

Adding on, Figure 1 shows the number of censorship incidents by outcome across the United States in 2012. (Censorship in United States). While, Figure 2 shows the challenges by reasons from the duration from 1990 – 2009.

From Figure 1, it can be concluded that the red dots represent contents that have been removed. There is an occurring pattern of red dots appearing, which shows the areas that have restricted information being shared. While, the number of green dots appearing also shows that there is an equal amount of information distributed. However, the blue dots represent unknown data collected. This affects the accuracy of the data collected and it does not present an overview if more information is withheld. Moving to Figure 2, collected by the American Library Association, the higher the number indicates more challenges these contents faced. Those faced with most challenges;
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